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Success story from Kevin Emsley, re: the power of persuasive writing

A student in my U of T business writing class, Kevin Emsley, told me an amazing success story that I hope is a lesson on the value of effective persuasive writing (shared with permission).

“I was outraged when I received a recent bill from my accountant. The amount was much higher than I expected. I took three days to let my fury subside and then sat down to write my response. I pointed out my concerns in a clear way, was harsh but polite, and ended with a call to action. He responded immediately and complimented me, saying it was one of the best notes he’d ever received. He wasn’t put off – quite the contrary, he said the note motivated him to respond. And I’m pleased to report, I got the best outcome possible – he took more than $600 off his bill!”

Thank you Kevin for sharing your experience! It made my day.

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